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If you ask Huaianers who the most famous person is in the history of Huai’an, most likely you will get this answer, “ZHOU En’lai”. Huaianers regard him as the Son of Huai’an.

ZHOU was the first Premier of the Government Administrative Council of the People's Republic of China (replaced by the State Council from September 1954), and the Minister of Foreign Affairs before 1958; successively served as Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission, Vice Chairman and later Chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), etc.

Zhou Enlai was born in Shanyang, Huai’an (the present Huai’an District of Huai’an City) on March 5, 1898, in the late Qing Dynasty. He spent his whole childhood in Huai’an before he moved to Shenyang, Liaoning in the spring of 1910. The Zhou family were originally from Shaoxing in Zhejiang Province. That is the reason you can find the Ancestor's Residence of ZHOU En’lai in Shaoxing. The Former Residence of ZHOU En’lai is located at Fuma Lane in Huai’an District. It consists of 32 rooms in two messuages.

In the autumn of 1904, ZHOU’s biological mother, WAN, brought him to Qingjiangpu and made him live in the home of his grandfather, WAN Qingxuan, the former magistrate of Qinghe County. The Former Studying Place of ZHOU En’lai is actually the former home of ZHOU’s grandfather. It sits on the north bank of the Grand Canal and across the canal is the historical site of the prefectural building of Qingjiangpu. ZHOU En’lai spent 4 years receiving his primary education with a private tutor in Qingjiangpu.

In 1907, ZHOU’s biological mum, WAN and in 1908, his adoptive mum, CHEN died of pulmonary tuberculosis one after another. Because ZHOU’s father could not afford to bring him up, in 1910 when ZHOU was 12 years old, he was sent to stay with his uncle, ZHOU Yigeng, in Fengtian (the present Shenyang). And after that, he had never come back to his birthplace, Huai’an. But he cared about the development of Huai’an. The calligraphy on the masthead of Huai’an Daily was written by him.

In 1992, the Memorial Hall of Zhou En’lai was open to the public in Huai’an. It is the largest and most comprehensive memorial of ZHOU En’lai in China, with a large collection of historical photographs, correspondences, personal collections and audio-video clips. In the north of the Memorials of ZHOU En’lai, you can find a 1:1 copy of the Xihuating Pavilion in Beijing, where ZHOU En’lai lived and worked for 26 years. With the display of the real items ZHOU used in Beijing, you can figure out how modest and simple a way of life he had led.

All these three memorials now form the 4A-rated Memorial Scenic Area of ZHOU En’lai. Every year more than one million visitors come and pay their tributes and respects to this great man. And if you are new to Huai’an, this is definitely the first place you should visit.

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